I fell in love with Odessa because of her hair - it was the perfect shade of pink to where it wasn't too much or too little. Her hair was often referred as a "fantasy hair" color. I purchased her nude and wasn't very upset about that because I didn't really care for her stock items. First observation: Her hair is really thick!

Odessa has been fully customized recently and new photos will be posted.

Doll Type: 12' Neo Blythe
Name:         Odessa
Type:            Mademoiselle Rosebud
Mold:            SBL
Customizations So Far:   Sand-matted face, all eye chips changed, eye boggled, gaze corrected, eye lids painted, freckles painted, eye holes sanded, lips painted.
Future Customizations: Boil perm
About Her:   Odessa is a traveler and longs to see the world. She has a passport and is excited for all the stamps she can get. She's learned to roll her socks into her shoes to save suitcase space, she's prepared.